Anna Nord Jansson

Anna Nord Jansson.

chairman of the board

Why are you Chairman of the Board at Oktavilla?

I share the values of Oktavilla and support the way in which they adopt a honest and collaborative approach to running the company; moving away from a traditional structure. It makes the Chairman’s role very interesting and I very much look forward to exploring, developing and implementing innovative strategies together with Oktavilla to continuously modernise the organisation.

What do you do professionally when you are not at Oktavilla?

I work with different companies and organisations that are ambitious and committed to driving change processes and developing their leaders and organisations. My clients are predominately involved in the communication and tech industries, where fast paced change is critical to achieving success. They range from small start-ups to large, public sector organisations.

What have you been up to in the past?

Prior to establishing my own consulting firm, I have held a number of varying management positions within the digital and communication industries.