A collection of things we’ve made for fun and profit.


A service to publish your portfolio on the web. 100% customizable. Your own domain. Fully hosted.
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Emoji Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet of emoji emoticons supported in Campfire, GitHub, Basecamp,, Teambox, and Trac. The cheat sheet is open source on Github and has contributions by people from Github, 37signals and bunch of other fine folks.
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Open Device Lab

We’ve gathered a growing collection of devices to test our designs on and made them available for others too.
Test your designs in our device lab


A service for on-the-fly image resizing, cropping and hosting with a REST API. We use Resizor ourselves for PortfolioDeck and a few other sites. Contact us if you’re interested.
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Is a simple app for emailing links to check out later.
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A minimal web based color picker for HEX and RGB color codes. Create your color palettes and share them with a link.
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An open source CMS that runs Built in Rails 3.2 using mongoDB, packaged as a Rails engine and available as a Gem. In dire need of documentation.
Clone Porthos-Engine on Github