Lars Wästfelt

Lars Wästfelt.

art director + information architect

+46 (0)73 654 35 78

What’s your expertise?

I see things others don’t.

What path brought you here?

Certainly not a straight one... Besides studies in criminology and cinematography, I’ve also spent a good amount of time working in hospitals, caring for elderly people.

But I’ve always been drawn to letterforms, and to what they actually “say”. I’ve also taken pictures since I was a kid. And when I came across a computer with Quark Xpress installed, I pretty well knew what my profession should be!

So here I am today – obsessed with usability and designing beautiful interfaces for precious content.

What’s your colour?

That’s a difficult question. I see beauty in the combination of colours. If I had to pick one, it would be brown.

What should a client know about you?

I will never take offence discussing what I have designed – it’s my job to discuss design :-)